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Elevator Gods is just about completed. It's a British movie that's about to burst onto the scene like a recently single drunk Uncle at a wedding disco. It's a film that will claim it's place as a modern classic alongside Billy Elliot, The Commitments and Dodgeball. We're tired of dramas that start with dead bodies on a slab, and feel-bad TV where murder is par for the course. (Although Gotham's pretty good). We're very excited to show you our film.

Elevator Gods has a mantra that resonates throughout it's current 90 minutes - "STAND FOR SOMETHING". It's what we strive to do as creatives and why we do this insane job.

Our film has been ten years in the making with over 100 epic collaborators passing through and leaving their mark. We have a stellar cast both new and established such as Ralph Brown (Withnail and I) Stuart Wolfenden (Dead Man's Shoes) and Ryan Pope (Shameless). We've a wealth of lesser-known and very committed talent on both sides of the camera.

Our mission is to create well crafted, original stories and manage a post production process that offers artists room to breathe. Our Production, Visual Effects and Design people are passionate creatives. We live and breathe great movies so we will never put out tosh as a rule.

Working alongside local writers, cast, crew and investors, we plan to nurture and encourage new talent in both business and content creation. We wanna champion solid self employment and balanced life designers here in Yorkshire.

We also want to have a great time being present in the moment, working hard with passionate people and pushing the boundaries of originality. Try saying that backwards.

We part fund projects with our own money, and work with HMRC to achieve EIS and SEIS tax breaks for our lovely investors.