Elevator Gods is a completed movie about to claim it’s place alongside The Full Monty, Billy Elliot and The Commitments as a British classic. We’re very excited to show you our film.

The film has a mantra or a ‘Takeaway’ for the audience – TAKE YOUR OWN STEPS. It’s what we strive to do as creatives and why we do this insane job.

The film has been ten years in the making with over 100 epic collaborators passing through and leaving their mark. We have a stellar cast both new and established such as Ralph Brown (Withnail and I, Waynes World 2) Stuart Wolfenden (Dead Man’s Shoes) Ryan Pope (Shameless) Tony Wright (Terrorvision) and Trevor and Simon (Going Live).  We’ve a wealth of lesser-known and very committed talent on both sides of the camera.

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